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Work for Perth’s first Home GP Practice

Bill up to $369 per home visit and $230 per telehealth consultation. 

Earn a great income, get out in the community and take a break from the busy in-clinic lifestyle.

A Perth Home GP undertaking a daytime GP home visit.

Our Mission: To Fill a Critical Gap in Primary Care Provision

Many vulnerable patients with significant care needs can not easily attend their local GP clinic and instead rely on deputising, telehealth services and their Emergency Department. Unsurprisingly their health suffers. They need GP Fellows like you who can bring quality Primary care directly to their door. We serve the Perth Metropolitan area.

Why Work For a Private Billing Home GP Service?

We are Perth’s first private billing Home GP Practice. We provide full GP care services to patients who cannot get to a traditional GP clinic.
We serve the Perth Metropolitan area.

Full GP Care Provision

We are a General Practice, not a Deputising Service. All our Doctors are GP fellows and can provide the full range of GP care available in a clinic. You can choose to build a list of regular patients and be their primary GP long term or, you can elect to only provide short term single episodes of care to patients who aren’t able to see their regular GP immediately.

Earn A Top GP Income While Also Providing Quality Care

We are a private billing practice so you don’t have to rely on quick turn style medicine to achieve financial success. You can take the time needed to provide optimal GP care, whilst taking home the same income you’d expect from a private billing GP clinic.

Flexible Work Packages To Suit You

Perth Home GP operates in-hours and after-hours providing more flexible working arrangements than many GP clinics, locum jobs or deputising services. You can work at Perth Home GP as your main job or as a side gig to top up your income. You can set your own hours and work long or short shifts any weekday, weeknight or anytime throughout the weekend.

Collaborative Care

We want to collaborate and not compete with GPs working in clinics. There are many reasons a patient may need short term in-home care but still want to remain under the care of their regular GP. Patients may need a Home GP temporarily after discharge from hospital, if they have a sudden or acute illness, or their usual carer or transport is unavailable. In these situations you can provide short term care before they can get back to their usual GP.

Satisfaction Of Home-Based Care

Treating a patient holistically takes on a new dimension when you manage them in their home. Managing a patient in their own environment provides invaluable care insights and allows you to build a richer rapport with the patient. It’s an extremely rewarding GP role and patients and their families are very grateful.

Help People Who Have Fallen Through The Cracks

The economics of GP clinic care mean that very few GPs now do home visits outside of Residential Aged Care Facilities. Yet some of the most vulnerable patients with the greatest care needs are housebound and unable to get to a GP. You will be keeping many patients out of ED and helping them live healthier lives.

Ready To Learn More?

If you are interested in becoming a Home GP, or if you have any questions please fill out the form below and we’ll send you a link to book a convenient time for a chat.​

Ready To Learn More?
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To work at Perth Home GP you must be a GP Fellow with rights to work without supervision in a MM1 region.
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