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GP Partnerships

What we do

Perth Home GP is a privately billed, mobile GP Practice operating in the Perth metropolitan area. We provide daytime and after hours home visits for patients who are unable to access a bricks and mortar GP clinic. We partner with GP clinics and can offer one off home visits for patients with short term barriers to clinic based care. For patients with long term barriers to clinic based care we can provide continuous comprehensive home GP care if their usual GP practice is unable to do so. We do provide care over Telehealth but only to patients we have previously seen in person

Who we are

Our service was started by Dr Mike Patton who also founded the Deputising Service Night Doctor. However Perth Home GP is not a deputising service; we are a mobile GP practice. All of our GPs are Fellows of RACGP or ACRRM and able to provide comprehensive GP care for patients at home.

Our mission

Through his experience at Night Doctor, Mike recognised that many vulnerable patients with significant care needs cannot easily access in-clinic care. Instead they rely on accessing a mixture of fragmented care from deputising services, telehealth providers and emergency departments.

These patients would greatly benefit from having their usual GP providing all their care at home but this model is no longer viable for many GP clinics. Our mission is to support GPs and their patients by working cooperatively to fill the critical gap in home GP care.

Patients who commonly request home GP care

We find patients with the following conditions often have trouble accessing clinic based GP care and may benefit from short or long term access to home GP care:

  • Older adults with dementia or mobility issues
  • People with significant disabilities and mobility issues
  • Patients with specific mental health conditions that make the clinic environment challenging (eg Agoraphobia, Panic disorder, Schizophrenia)
  • Patients with Autism spectrum disorder and other conditions who find clinic environments challenging
  • Patients with temporary conditions affecting their ability to visit the practice (e.g. patients who are post op, recently discharged or receiving rehab at home)
  • Immunosuppressed or Immunocompromised patients who isolate to reduce risk of infection
  • Patients isolating with infectious diseases (e.g. COVID-19, suspected measles)
  • Palliative care patients

How we can help your patients

We aim to be your partner in delivering home care to your patients, at no cost to your practice. We advocate a team-based approach to healthcare, integrating seamlessly with existing medical services. We strive to collaborate, not compete, with clinic-based GPs and work closely with homecare providers, and Allied Health Professionals.

Ways to partner with Perth Home GP

You remain the primary caregiver

Our services are particularly beneficial for patients needing short-term in-home care, such as post-hospital discharge, those with acute illnesses, or during disruptions to usual care arrangements. We can act as your boots on the ground, providing updates and collaborating closely with you. The patients maintain their relationship with your practice and you remain the primary decision maker. You continue to provide Telehealth and face to face care when possible. You make long-term care decisions, conduct GPMPs, and health assessments. By partnering with us, you can ensure your patients receive the necessary care at home until they can resume their visits to your practice.

Perth Home GP becomes the primary caregiver

GPs often contact us to ask if they can handover patients who need a level of home care beyond what they are able to provide through their practice. In these circumstances, our GPs are happy to take over primary responsibility for these patients through a formal handover process.

How to refer a patient

Patients who only require short term care can call us on 1300 815 321 and make a booking. No referral is required but if you think a patient summary or referral letter will be helpful please forward to the contact details below.

To handover a patient for long term care please complete the following steps:

  1. Confirm we have capacity to accept the patients care
    • Call 1300 815 321
    • Press option 3 “make a referral”
    • Then leave a message with your contact details as well as the patient’s suburb and postcode.
    • Our team will get back to you and let you know whether we have a GP in their area who can accept the referral.
  2. Get informed consent from the patient or their guardian
    • Ensure the patient/guardian has reviewed our website and are happy with how we operate and our fees. If they have questions, ask them to call our team to discuss.
    • Explain to the patient that you will be handing the patients care over to Perth Home GP and will no longer be their primary GP.
  3. Submit the referral
    • Send us a referral letter with all relevant information such as medical history, medications, recent investigations, advanced care plan documents, discharge summaries etc 
    • Your referral must include the following statement: “I am handing over the care of this patient to Perth Home GP.
    • Please send the referral form to:

Partner with us

We’d like to establish a direct line of communication with GP clinics who refer their patients to our service. This allows us to work together more closely and gives you a way to contact our clinical team directly if any issues arise. It also means we can keep you updated with any changes to our service or the referral process.

Furthermore we are constantly seeking to refine this new model of care in partnership with GPs and we’d love to connect and hear your ideas about how we can work together. 

If you’d like to connect or provide feedback please fill out the form below and we will reach out to discuss how we can best support you and your patients.

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